Welcome to our website! As you look through the site, you can learn about our history, values, initiatives and goals.

The Business Council has evolved into a community stewardship organization. We tackle complex, chronic challenges requiring the skills of high level thinkers and leaders. The members apply their entrepreneurial acumen to community problems and build networks to leverage resources across sectors. As civic entrepreneurs, they have embraced the responsibilities of citizenship and applied their highest-level skills in service of their community.

Committed to acting in accordance with ten Community Values, our contract for behavior in the civic sector, members have earned the trust necessary to work effectively with leaders in other sectors and emerging leaders of younger generations. Sustainability is a priority focus as the organization moves into its third decade.

“The FBC is a great example of citizens stepping up to take responsibility for the wellbeing of their community, one of our country’s founding principles. Democracy and our freedoms depend upon informed, citizen engagement.”
Deborah J. Nankivell, CEO

If you are local and wish to engage, please contact me. If you are visiting there is quite likely a similar group in your community. We are part of both state and national networks of regional stewards working together to create stronger communities and regions. If you do not have such an organization, it is incumbent upon you to start one. Without stewardship, single interests tend to dominate the policy agenda leading to fragmentation and dysfunction. As citizens it is our responsibility to contribute to our communities to honor the past and give forward to the children of the future.