Building Trust through Shared Values



No community can truly be “prosperous and healthy” without a well-developed value system embodied by those fashioning and conducting the community’s “business.”

The Community Values have been widely adopted in the Fresno community as key components for effective and sustainable community evolution, and reflect the essence of some of our most effective community players and leaders.

Operating within this value system is perhaps the only hope to productively engage in the enormously complex and disparate work needed to produce good results.

Endorse our Community Values (Full version under community values tab)

Ethical Behavior:

  • Stewardship
  • Truth Telling
  • Disclose Conflict of Interest

Sound Business Practices:

  • Commitment to Outcomes
  • “Art of the Possible Thinking”
  • Fact-Based Decision Making
  • Asset-Based Approach

Best Teaming Principles:

  • Boundary Crossing & Collaboration
  • Power Parity
  • Commitment to Resolving Conflict