Beating Poverty – Kurt Madden

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Asset-Based Approach We are focused on using a strengths-based, asset-oriented approach to people and issues.  We believe that positive change occurs when we appreciate, value and invest in what is best in our people and community. The word “poverty” is defined as the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support. In other words, poverty describes a condition where “assets” have been...

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An Insight on “Commitment to Outcomes” – Scott Rhodes

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Commitment to Outcomes We are willing to take responsibility for tasks and achieving specified outcomes. We are committed to staying involved until the tasks are completed. After nearly a year in the making, the Fresno Community Scorecard, with over 150 indicators, is being prepared for formal community launch. If we are to commit to following these metrics, and working together as a community to effect a positive change upon them, then a...

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Why the Community Values? – Mike Wilhelm

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 Over a dozen years ago in assessing where we were as a community it appeared that despite a lot of well-meaning effort the problems that had plagued Fresno for decades were not getting better, if anything they were getting worse.  There was agreement that lots of efforts were underway but they operated too often in silos.  This often led to a mindset of competition where various groups seeking to tackle the same problems did not see each...

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