The Fresno  Community Scorecard creates an indicator system to mark progress and guide decisions as we work together to execute the community agenda; it is a resource for fact-based decision making.

  • Identify community trends and make informed decisions regarding critical issues.
  • Compare the Fresno region to other communities.
  • Allocate community resources. Effectively.
  • Measure the progress of priority initiatives.
  • Provide transparency via a public website.

The benefits of this new resource will:

  • Make data easily accessible to help inform local and regional policy makers as they face difficult decisions through a user-friendly website interface.
  • Provide aggregate data from a variety of sources into a one-stop-shop for grant writers or others who wish to address a variety of community concerns.
  • Educate interested citizens on various issues and provide suggestions for personal engagement.
  • Give the community a historical framework to better understand causation and policy implications.
  • Support the creation of uniform regional standards for data collection, maintenance, and management.
  • Provide a holistic picture of the Fresno community to spark a new type of community dialog among government and other influential groups, business sectors, community and grass-roots organizations and individuals.
  • Identify priority needs and opportunity areas to catalyze effective responses across the community.
  • Capture and record the Fresno region’s successes so we, as a community, may celebrate together.