Developing a strong, ready and diversified workforce is a top priority going into 2016. The keys are Career & Technical Education & Linked Learning.

Thanks to deep engagement by employers and strong commitments from educators, we will complete a strategic plan this month with specific recommendations and next steps.

The Civic Learning Partnership is aligning a mix of activities designed to teach the hows, whats and whys of citizenship using current challenges and opportunities. The team is working closely with the schools and will offer a myriad of hands on opportunities to volunteer.

Every interaction, every site visit, every relationship develops helps to build a strong workforce, improve academic outcomes and strengthen the community.

Both initiatives address one of the most pressing concerns of employers–soft skills. These include critical thinking, the ability to work on teams, inter-personal skills, adaptability and perseverance.

Future posts will provide specifics in terms of how you can participate.

Dan Pink on Productivity & the Puzzle of Motivation:

  • Three things motivate–autonomy, mastery and purpose. By encouraging employees to continually recraft their job and continuously improve while ensuring a culture that is purpose and supportive, overall productivity will increase, morale will rise and quality will improve.
  • Leadership tip–turn how conversations into why. Whether laying the foundation of a cathedral or producing food, sometimes we forget the larger purpose. Why offers sustaining motivation.