Community Values of the Fresno Region

Ethical Behavior:

  • Stewardship – We will lead and follow as stewards of our region, caring responsibly for our community assets.  We will work together to achieve the greatest, long-term benefit for the community as a whole.
  • Truth Telling – We value the empowerment of everyone involved, along with all community stakeholders, to honestly and forthrightly share all knowledge, experiences and insights relative to the work at hand. We take responsibility for ensuring our truth is current, not historical. We all share the responsibility for maintaining the truth telling standard.
  • Disclose Conflict of Interest – We agree to disclose any personal or professional conflict of interest that may affect our objectivity before engaging in work that will impact the community. We seek to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

Sound Business Practices:

  • Commitment to Outcomes – We are willing to take responsibility for tasks and achieving specified outcomes. We are committed to staying involved until the tasks are completed.
  • Art of the Possible Thinking – We believe that anything is possible in the Fresno Region.  We will envision success without limitations and then backward map a specific, attainable strategy for achieving that vision.
  • Fact-Based Decision Making – To the greatest extent possible, we will base decisions and action plans on objective data, thereby avoiding distortion of issues by personal feelings or agendas.  At the same time, we seek to get to the heart of the matter and recognize that facts without context can be misleading.
  • Asset-Based Approach – We are focused on using a strengths-based, asset-oriented approach to people and issues.  We believe that positive change occurs when we appreciate, value and invest in what is best in our people and community.

Best Teaming Principles:

  • Boundary Crossing & Collaboration – We are willing to cross political, social ethnic and economic boundaries and partner with others to achieve community outcomes. We will lead beyond the walls to create an inclusive, cohesive community through partnership and collaboration.
  • Power Parity – We respect all persons and recognize that there are diverse viewpoints. Positional power will not determine a strategy or preferred outcome, merit will. Viewpoints from diverse constituencies will be proactively sought to ensure the best possible outcomes for the community.
  • Commitment to Resolving Conflict – Conflict is inevitable and is sometimes required in order to achieve the best outcomes possible.  Healthy conflict involves valuing every individual regardless of his or her stance on a specific issue and an unwavering commitment to working through the conflict in a positive manner despite its severity.

I Endorse FBC’s Community Values
Download and print these values here.